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February 3, 2009, 4:11 pm
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To try and flesh things out a bit and make Cam and I seem less like the Wizard of Oz (fun though that is) I had an ego-attack that made me believe people would care what music we’d been listening to on a monthly basis.

These are not ‘top picks’, merely picks.


Bon Iver – For Emma forever ago

Yep. Finally. I’m aware everyone else jumped on this bearded, cabin-bound bandwagon months ago. But I finally took the chance that mass adoration isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and was happily proven right. Much has been made of how and where this album was recorded. Never one for lyrics, mythology etc I will just say that it is a pretty collection of songs. It does something interesting with the ‘indie-folk’ genre that seems to be growing at a pace. I’ve seen it described as ‘lo-fi’ and lonely, which it is a little – although in a basic, subtle way. Probably a couple of songs too long, well-worth a listen nonetheless.

Blur – Think Tank

The announcement in late-2008 that Blur would be reforming in July 2009 for a couple of gigs in Hyde Park got me more excited than I should probably admit (like a giggling school-girl would be about right). Since then I’ve been revisiting their back catalogue. Think Tank is ace, yes it suffers from the inclusion of the Norman Cook-inspired ‘Crazy Beat’, which is more embarrassing than middle-aged uncles stripping and doing the maccarana at a wedding but it also features gems such as ‘Out of Time’, ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Battery in your leg’ some of which sees Blur breaking entirely new ground (for them). Time will tell how successful the upcoming reunion is but their back catalogue still speaks for itself.

Cam is still trying to have an opinion for January…


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