So, the plan is for tapes to be an art/music project with a mainly web-based output in the form of a monthly podcast and zine.

Each month we record a couple of tracks by 5 different musicians/bands, we also get 5 different pieces of art/illustration/design/drawing done by 5 different artists.

The podcast is then made up of us playing the 5 of the music tracks, and a bit of talking about the art n that.

The art is compiled into a sexy pdf and mailed out to those who sign up, it’s also available to download via the website, as are the separate music tracks (hopefully with a little video for each) and the little audio pieces with each artist.

After we have done a few of these podcasts (probably about 3 or 4) we would pick a select few, say 5 -8, tracks and some of the art and put together a cd and some kind of printed publication for release.

All these exciting goodies would then be showcased at a gig/exhibition somewhere suitably trendy.

It’s super- as the artists and musicians would have an opportunity to sell their prints or music or clothing at the exhibition, which you don’t really get when it’s only a zine or podcast.


The plan with the music side of things is to make things interesting by requiring the bands/artists to simplify their music, we aren’t quite going to ‘mtv unplugged’ territory but the space in which we record (Cam’s sexy basement…not a euphemism) means there are certain constraints we have to work within, and we’ve decided to embrace them wholeheartedly rather than try to claim we’ve got a full, orchestra-ready recording space. We reckon it should produce some interesting and cool results. Basically the output should sit somewhere between a gig, a rehearsal and an acoustic performance. Clear? Good.


As of now the art side of things is an open brief, although we give each artist one of the bands to use as a ’starting point’. The reasoning is that keeping things open should result in cooler…results.

If you are an artist or musician/band who is interested in getting involved then please send us an email: ash@tapes-online.co.uk. Ace!


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I love your site. Keep it up !

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