The Art of Tapes vol. 4 by twoducksdisco
July 9, 2009, 5:04 pm
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G’day. So its seems that the artwork from Volume 4 seems to have been lesser documented, ie. we didn’t bloody document it!

Well lets presume that you’ve all seen it, if not you can go to the website soon and it’ll be up there. We’ll probably link it again anyways, its just THAT good!

Here are the links to everyone involved in making Tapes vol. 4 the best to date:

Yonderboy / Fran Rodgers
Ora Cogan / William Edmonds
This Town Needs Guns
/ Mr Gauky
fortywatts / Sarah Reid
Peasman / Ash Mann

And if you want to stream the podcast go here!
If you want to download the podcast go here!


Cam’s June Ears by twoducksdisco
July 3, 2009, 5:24 pm
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As mentioned in a previous entry about my ears (or essentially what I’d be listening to during a certain month), I name-dropped Helios with reference to a mix-CD that my brother supplied me with. Slowly but surely I’ve found myself becoming more and more reliant on a daily basis to listen to the sounds of this Portland (USA) based ambient guitar virtuoso. Now I can’t confess to knowing a lot about Helios (or Keith, as he’s known to his parents) but he makes slow creeping guitar-based music, which sound like excerpts from a gorgeous cinematic experience involving mountains, rolling fields, hazy mornings and outbursts of snow, cascading through a luscious yellow-tinted valley. The ‘Eingya’ LP comes highly recommended.

Now the name of this band initially put me off but if anything, this proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well, there was no pun intended there but I purposefully wasn’t bothered by a band named The Books when I first came across them some years back. Images of some cack new-wave / indie-dance troupe popped into my head but in fact, I couldn’t have been further away from the truth. The Books are more akin to Fridge and Do Make Say Think maybe even UNKLE, in terms of forward-thinking electronic-rock music. A combination of samples, found objects and guitars are all spliced together to make something beautiful as well as constantly interesting and evolving.

Tapes volume 4 available now! by ash
July 2, 2009, 2:20 pm
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After a variety of fussing about and breaking things Tv4 is available to listen to/download from here http://www.tapes-online.co.uk and here http://www.jellycast.com/directory/index.php?page=jellycast&id=1985

Tapes volume 3 ‘bsides’ now available by ash
June 7, 2009, 11:21 am
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The ‘bsides’ from fran rodgers, cameron steward, franz nicolay, neil ward and tubelord are now available to hear on our myspace: www.myspace.com/tapesonline


Cam’s May Ears by twoducksdisco
June 5, 2009, 3:24 pm
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A while back (we’re talking a couple of years) someone introduced me to Gregory and the Hawk and I was suitably impressed. From my reaction this someone said they’d do me a copy of their ‘Boats and Birds’ EP. Sadly this never came about and I consequently forgot about them. Then due to MySpace featuring them in their featured artist praise page they returned to my radar and my girlfriend’s, for whom I bought their album ‘Moenie and Kitchi’ for Christmas (ain’t I lovely). Well not that lovely, I borrowed the album in January and have held on to it since because it’s just beautiful. It creeps (in the sense that it’s a grower) and the subtle songs that are written are produced in such a way to make you think that it’s not just one insanely talented girl but a full-on delightful folk troupe. The songs meander through lo-fi folk and Americana settings through to more post-rockery and shoegazery territory. Kind of as if Rilo Kiley were making love to My Bloody Valentine but better than that sounds on paper.

And I’m going to feature a second band this month, mainly because they’re ace and their keyboardist came round to my house as part of Tapes volume 3. It is of course, The Hold Steady. Everyone knows who they are but does everyone own one of their albums? For a while I was just happy going on YouTube and listening to South Town Girls but after finally biting the bullet I ordered ‘Stay Positive’. Now, THS are one of those bands who just rock. They don’t do anything fancy or frilly, they just play rock music and sometimes that’s all you need in a band. This album is utterly essential if you like just that sort of thing as it’s a relentless stream of Springsteen-tinted, fists in the air, stadium crushing anthems that will simply make you smile. They even do that mega-rock band thing of cutting out all the music and filling the air with accapella chorus and hand claps… awesome. So if you don’t own an album I can strongly suggest that you right that wrong.

Tapes volume 3 available to download by ash

In all its slightly-late but slight-awesome glory, Tv3 has arrived.
Go here to put it in your eyes and ears: http://www.tapes-online.co.uk

Tapes Vol. 3 details by twoducksdisco

Hello, so TVIII will be featuring the talents of…

Music by Fran Rodgers / Art by Chris White
Music by Neil Ward / Art by Jamie Cooper
Music by Franz Nicolay / Photo by Liam Henry
Music by Tubelord / Art by Alex Steward
Music by Cameron Steward / Photo by Emily Reid

And that drops on the 1st. Way mad sick!