Tapes volume 3 available to download by ash

In all its slightly-late but slight-awesome glory, Tv3 has arrived.
Go here to put it in your eyes and ears: http://www.tapes-online.co.uk

Tapes Vol. 3 details by twoducksdisco

Hello, so TVIII will be featuring the talents of…

Music by Fran Rodgers / Art by Chris White
Music by Neil Ward / Art by Jamie Cooper
Music by Franz Nicolay / Photo by Liam Henry
Music by Tubelord / Art by Alex Steward
Music by Cameron Steward / Photo by Emily Reid

And that drops on the 1st. Way mad sick!

Tapes volume 1 studio diary by ash

A brief recap of what we got up to whilst recording tapes 1

Day 1 – Sam Isaac & Jose Vanders
Sam and band, including Jose, arrived in their big, red van with oodles of gear (the joys of being on tour), which included Jose’s incredibly heavy electric piano. This was our first ‘proper’ session so we duly faffed around for probably longer than was necessary setting up, and tripping over, too many microphones and ensuring everyone was suitably fed (pie and sausage rolls) and watered (bucketloads of tea).
Sam’s session went swimmingly, he rattled through both of his tracks in a couple of takes and he and the band even treated us to a quick blast of a Ronan Keating cover which was ace.
Jose didn’t have any preferred songs to record so we made requests and she very kindly went along with them, again speeding through things in a couple of takes.

Day 2 – Ash Mann & Killing Fields of Ontario
The second day started with optimism all over the bloody shop after the successes of the debut session and true to form day 2 went just as well.
Ash put down his tracks in record time (the benefits of being a solo artist) and then KFOO (affectionate acronym) turned up complete with mandolin, tambourine and shaker. There were a few delays as they tried to give Ash a crash course in shaker-skills but he seemed to pick things up pretty quickly and soon enough their tracks were recorded and we were finishing off the last of the pie.

Day 3 – The Old Romantic Killer Band
Last but not least we welcomed Harry from the Old Romantic Killer Band into our bijou studio, similarly to Ash he put down his 3 (count ’em!) tracks in no time at all leaving plenty of room for him and Cam to bond over their shared appreciation of all things Bruce Springsteen.

tapes volume 1 now available by ash

listen to the podcast here http://tapes.jellycast.com/node/2/m3u
zine is downloadable via this link ZINE

THE PLAN by ash
January 29, 2009, 4:12 pm
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Our initial output is web-based, in reality that’d be a monthly 30 minute podcast and pdf mail-out (mini-zine-stylee).

Each month we record 5 tracks by 5 different artists, we also get 5 different pieces of art/illustration/design/drawing done by 5 different artists.

The podcast is then made up of us playing the 5 music tracks, we will also do a quick piece with each of the artists talking about their art. It’ll also feature a bit of us chatting and an interview with one or more of the bands.

The art is compiled into a sexy pdf and mailed out to those who sign up, it’s also available to download via the website, as are the separate music tracks (hopefully with a little video for each) and the little audio pieces with each artist.

After we have done a few of these podcasts (probably about 3 or 4) we would pick a select few, say 5 -8, tracks and some of the art and put together a cd and some kind of printed publication for release.

All these exciting goodies would then be showcased at a gig/exhibition somewhere suitably trendy.

It’s super- as the artists and musicians would have an opportunity to sell their prints or music or clothing at the exhibition, which you don’t really get when it’s only a zine or podcast.

If you are an artist or musician/band who is interested in getting involved then please send us an email: ash@tapes-online.co.uk. Ace!